Magglass Tempered Glass Designed for Steam Deck Matte Screen Protector (7" inch) Anti-Glare Full Coverage Guard
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About this item
  • Preserve and protect your Steam Deck display with a genuine MagGlass matte anti-glare etched glass screen protector.
  • This premium edge-to-edge screen guard is easy to install and built to last.
  • TheĀ premium anti-glareĀ matte texture finish removes unwanted harsh reflections and is highly resistant to oil smudges and fingerprint marks.
  • Every MagGlass original product is shipped in retail packaging complete with a tempered glass screen guard and cleaning kit.
  • MagGlass is a proud Encased brand. Every set comes backed by the Encased Ltd. Lifetime Warranty and friendly support from our dedicated team.

We engineered this guard like your gaming life depends on it - we therefore test and qualify our glass based on these 6 essential performance benchmarks:

1) Impact Rating: This is measured by the ability for the glass (once installed) to retain structural integrity after a direct impact of 6FT. Any glass chipping or hairline fractures reduce the impact rating.

2) Screen Sensitivity: I.e. responsiveness. This is measured in a side-by-side comparison of the touch input response time when used with/without the glass installed. This metric is crucial to avoid the input delay (and frustration!) associated with lag-inducing screen guards.

3) Coverage: Should be easy, right? We thought so. Though it might surprise you, many well known screen protector brands we tried had at least one display area that was left partially exposed once installed.

4) Fingerprint Resistance: This is where the MagGlass really shines. The matte glass is finished to resist those pesky fingerprints, sweat and smudge marks. This also reduces the glare typically experienced in bright lights and outdoors.

5) Scratch Resistance: Our glass features a tough-as-nails true 9H hardness rating with dual tempered layering and reinforced shatterproof construction - all to provide you with complete peace of mind regardless of the elements.

6) Ease of use: Obvious yet important. Even the best glass in the world is useless without proper installation.

Your set includes:

Tempered glass
Microfiber cloth
Dust remover
Alcohol pad